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Customers always consider three essential aspects of a product which are excellent quality, cheap price and fast delivery. However these three aspects are not simultaneously happen .

I believe that manufacturers or sellers would like to achieve these aspects to meet the customer’s requirement and to gain their competitive advantages as well. But mostly it always end up with “excellent quality with costly”, “cheap with long time delivery” or  “fast delivery with flaw” and so on. In many cases the manufacturers or the sellers have to choose their prominent aspects, and the customers have to choose which aspect suites to their need or situation.

To accomplish “excellent quality”, “cheap price” and “fast delivery” products, it is absolutely possible but very difficult. This difficulty took 5 years from me to establish Zeal Roller Co., Ltd.. I faced with many technical and economical problems, trial and error, waiting for the expensive technology become cheaper,went through the crisis again and again.

5 years is worth in every seconds. I found that when a man is desperate by the storm of troubles, his real spirit will be revealed. Will he continually lay down on the floor, or will he look forward and fight until his last breath? This is a crucial spirit that is hidden underneath his knowledge and experience. And this spirit unlock and allow us to be able to achieve “excellent quality”, “cheap price” and “fast delivery” products.

Zeal Roller Co., Ltd. mainly manufacture and sell belt conveyor’s rollers. We also design and manufacture belt conveyor component e.g. pulley, supporting roller etc.

We collect useful calculation data, tables and chart of belt conveyor  including installation and maintenance documents because we realize that the reliability of machine come from calculation, design, fabricate, assembly, installation, commissioning, fine tune and maintenance.

Look forward for the opportunity to serve you.

Sincerely yours.

Noppadon Siriarayapan

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